RVR Decision in Favour of E.ON’s Datteln Coal-fired Power Plant Project

E.ON’s construction project of a 1100 MW coal-fired power plant in Datteln (Datteln 4) has cleared another hurdle. Construction had to stop partially after the Higher Administrative Court in Münster (OVG Münster) had declared the zoning plan for the respective area void. Now the regional association for the Ruhr valley area (Regionalverband Ruhr) decided in favour of  continuing a regional planning procedure amendment (Regionalplanänderungsverfahren).

In September 2009 OVG Münster declared the zoning plan void, arguing it contravened state planning objectives, inter alia by not ensuring a sufficient distance of a large-scale power plant project from residential housing. Subsequently, the regional administration in Münster (Bezirksregierung Münster) issued a partial construction stop.

With an amended regional plan, a new zoning plan for the town of Datteln could be drawn up. The regional association for the Ruhr valley area (Regionalverband Ruhr) had therefore started a new regional planning procedure for the region including the construction site of E.ON AG’s coal-fired power plant in November 2010. Following a decision of its planning committee of late May, Regionalverband Ruhr now officially decided to continue the regional planning procedure. The association based its decision on an expert opinion that sees the legal preconditions fulfilled. An expert opinion commissioned by Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (DUH), an environmental and consumer protection organisation, comes to a different conclusion.

A new public involvement process (Bürgerbeteiligungsverfahren) shall now be started. Following this process a decision shall be taken whether to initiate proceedings with the state planning authority to obtain permission to deviate from the state planning objectives.

E.ON argues Datteln 4 would replace older power plants, thus minimizing CO2 emissions by 1.7 million tons per year. This would be the biggest single contribution to greenhouse gas emission reductions in the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia, E.ON’s CEO Johannes Teyssen said in the past.

In light of the upcoming nuclear phase-out of roughly 10 GW until 2022, power from the Datteln 4 project could replace some of the missing generation capacity.

Source: metropoleruhr

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2 Responses to “RVR Decision in Favour of E.ON’s Datteln Coal-fired Power Plant Project”

  • The final paragraph is bizarre.

    It will reduce GHG’s by replacing dirty old generation … like nuclear.

    What other ‘older power plants’ have they said it is replacing?

  • I have now split the last paragraph in two, to clarify that the last statement (about Datteln possibly also replacing nuclear generation capacity) was not from Mr Teyssen.

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