NRW Cabinet Adopts Climate Protection Act

The SPD/Green government of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) adopted a Climate Protection Act. The draft bill is the first of its kind in the sixteen German states.

The key points of the Climate Protection Act are:

  1. It enacts climate protection targets in NRW and shall be the legal basis for emission reduction and mitigation measures.
  2. Total green house gas emissions in NRW shall be reduced by at least 25% until 2020 and by at least 80% until 2050 compared with 1990.
  3. To reach the climate protection targets, increases in ressource protection and ressource and energy efficiency, energy savings and the expansion of renewable energies are given priority.
  4. The government will draw up a climate protection plan involving all social groups that shall be adopted by the state parliament for the first time in 2012 and thereafter every five years.
  5. The climate protection targets will be incorporated and filled with life in the state development plan and the corresponding regional development plans.
  6. The state government shall have an exemplary role in reaching the climate targets und shall present a binding plan for a zero emission state administration by 2030.
  7. A climate protection committee consisting of five outstanding representatives of different areas of social life shall be created. It shall monitor compliance with the climate protection targets and advise the state government in setting up and developing the climate protection plan.

Johannes Remmel, the Green state Environment Minister, said NRW had a special responsibility for reaching Europe’s climate protection objectives, as the state emitted one third of Germany’s greenhouse gases. NRW would remain a highly industrialised state with a strong energy sector, he added, emphasising that the government wanted to strengthen the economy while at the same time ensuring efficient climate and environmental protection.

Due to interventions by the Socialist party, the draft bill made more concessions to the industrial lobby in NRW than previously intended by the Environment Ministry under Minister Remmel, the newspaper Rheinische Post commented.

The draft bill will now be submitted to selected associations for review (Verbändeanhörung). The government wants to introduce the bill to parliament in summer.

Source: Minstry of Climate Protection and the Environment of North Rhine-WestphaliaRheinische Post

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2 Responses to “NRW Cabinet Adopts Climate Protection Act”

  • Looks like we are going to have a “race to the bottom” between NRW and their comrades in BW!

    The eastern Lander could benefit greatly from this trend if they are smart and aggressive.

  • The information that total greenhouse gas emissions in NRW shall be reduced by at least 25% until 2020 and by at least 80% until 2050 is particularly interesting against the background of the recent vote in the European Parliament (on the 30% reduction target) and the resolution that was watered down.

    May this influence on the atitude of the NRW State legislature?

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