RWE and E.ON File Lawsuit Against Nuclear Fuel Rod Tax

According to media reports, RWE AG and E.ON AG filed a lawsuit against the nuclear fuel rod tax levied on newly installed rods in their jointly operated nuclear power plant Gundremmingen.

The nuclear fuel rod tax was introduced last year in connection with the nuclear extension, which formed part of the government’s Energy Concept. After the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, the government reversed its nuclear policy. It proposed comprehensives legislative changes, including a nuclear phase-out until 2022. The first reading of the legislative package in the Bundestag(German parliament, lower house) has meanwhile taken place. Further readings and a final vote are scheduled for 30 June 2011. A vote in  in the Federal Council (Bundesrat, upper house) is expected to take place on 8 July.

According to the magazine Focus, RWE and E.ON did not only object to the tax assessment with the competent customs authority, but also filed the lawsuit with the Finance Court in Munich in order to be able to withhold the tax.

EnBW AG, the other major utility, which operates nuclear power plants, will not decide about challenging the nuclear fuel rod tax before 15 July 2011, Focus says. Vattenfall’s two nuclear power plants Brunsbüttel and Krümmel have not been in operation since 2007 respectively 2009.

Source: Focus

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