BNetzA: New EEX Gas Reference Prices to Determine Compensation Energy Prices

The 7th ruling chamber of the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) responsible for the gas sector issued a new communication allowing the use of EEX reference prices for  determining the prices for compensation energy

The procedure for determining the prices of compensation energy was defined by the Federal Network Agency in “Fundamentals of the model for compensation services and balancing in the gas sector” (GABi Gas) and Resolution BK7-08-002 with referring communications. Accordingly a basket of reference prices is used for the calculation.

Following the start of 24/7 trading in 1 and 10 MW products at the EEX on 30 May 2011 and the publication of the above-mentioned daily references prices for the market areas Net Connect Germany (NCG) and GASPOOL, the 7th ruling chamber decided after consulting the market area coordinators to switch to the new references prices as a basis for calculating compensation energy. They reflect trading in a better and more comprehensive way, BNetzA points out in its communication.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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