BNetzA Consultation on Grid Expansion Scenarios

Shortly after the German Parliament and the Federal Council adopted an Energy Legislative Package which contains a Grid Expansion Acceleration Act (NABEG), the Federal Network Agency presented three scenarios for future grid expansion for consultation. The scenarios were drafted by the transmission system operators and shall serve as a basis for determining the need for grid expansion.

According to the revised German Energy Act (Sections 12a to 12e EnWG), a 10-year grid development plan has to be set up. The plan shall provide information regarding the need for optimising and reinforcing the grid as well as its expansion. The 10-year grid development plan will be handed over to the federal legislator. It shall serve as a draft for the “Federal Requirement Plan for Transmission Networks” (Bundesbedarfsplan Übertragungsnetze). In this context, the scenarios, which have to be provided by the transmission system operators annually, serve as the basis for setting up the 10-year grid development plan.

The three scenarios differ with respect to the assumptions concerning the increase in renewable energy capacity. While scenario A assumes an installed wind power capacity (onshore and offshore) of 45 GW, scenario C assumes capacities of 88 GW. Assumptions for photovoltaics differ between 34 GW (scenario A) and 54 GW (scenario B).

All interested parties are invited to submit comments via e-mail ( to the Federal Network Agency until 29 August 2011. The Federal Network Agency’s president pointed out the importance of the consultation for the transparency of grid expansion and public acceptance of necessary projects as well as future investments into the grid infrastructure.

Source: Federal Network Agency