Areva Seeks German Guarantee for Export of Nuclear Technology to Brazil

Areva is reportedly seeking a guarantee by the German state for the export of nuclear technology to Brazil.  

The company might benefit by a possible amendment of export guaranties provided by the German state, since the new CDU/CSU and FDP lead government reportedly intends to lift the ban on promoting the export of nuclear technology.

An Areva spokesperson said the company was in negotiations with the Brazilian company Electronuclear, but did not want to further comment on financing details.

A spokesperson of the FDP-lead Ministry of Economics and Technology referred to the coalition agreement between the CDU, CSU and FDP, which states that “guaranties for export credits would primarily be issued on condition that they strengthen and promote the German economy and its jobs.”  A ban on exports of nuclear technology was not included.  The ministries involved “were currently in the process of interpreting and implementing the coalition agreement to this end”.

Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 24 November 2009, page 10

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