President Wulff Signs Nuclear Energy Exit Law – First Acts from Energy Law Package Promulgated

Less than eight months after he signed last year’s nuclear power extension legislation, Federal President Christian Wulff on 31 July signed the German nuclear energy exit law, the 13th amendment of the Atomic Energy Act (AtG).

The latest energy legislative package, which includes a staggered nuclear phase-out until 2022 and the immediate shut-down of the seven oldest nuclear power plants and the Krümmel nuclear power plant, was approved by the Bundesrat on 8 July, after the Bundestag’s vote on 1 July.

A short press release said President Wulff had signed the 13th amendment of the Atomic Energy Act (Act) on 31 July after having carefully reviewed its constitutionality. In the past President Wulff had criticised the government for the speed with which it had pushed the energy shift through. He wanted to take his time for reviewing the law, Mr Wulff said.

To enter into force, laws have to be promulgated in the Federal Law Gazette. So far, three of the seven acts contained in the nuclear power exit energy package have been promulgated. The Act Amending Energy Law related Provisions (Gesetz zur Neuregelung energiewirtschaftsrechtlicher Vorschriften), containing the amendment of the German Energy Act (EnWG) was signed by President Wulff on 26 July and has been published in today’s Federal Law Gazette. It will enter into force tomorrow. The First Act Amending Shipping Laws (Erstes Gesetz zur Änderung schifffahrtsrechtlicher Vorschriften) and the Act Strenghtening Climate-Friendly Measures in Towns and Municipalities (Gesetz zur Stärkung der klimagerechten Entwicklung in den Städten und Gemeinden) have been promulgated in the Federal Law Gazette of 29 July 2011.

The remaining energy package laws are expected to be promulgated soon.

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