Bavarian Cabinet Approves Establishment of State Energy Agency

The Bavarian Cabinet approved the establishment of state energy agency. Its job is shall be to help coordinate Bavaria’s nuclear phase-out and the development of renewable energy sources.

After the staggered withdrawal from nuclear energy until 2022 on which the Federal Parliament and Federal Councilrecently agreed, Bavaria will have to do without nuclear energy that to date still contributes 50% to the state energy supply. In recent months State Premier Horst Seehofer (CSU) announced to make Baveria a model country for the energy turnaround towards renewable energy and a technology leader for environmental and energy technology. The share of renewable energy shall increase from 25% to 50%, he said.

The agency that will be part of the Ministry of Economics shall have an annual budget of EUR 3 million and a staff of 16. As of September it shall assess the need for new power plants, power lines and storage facilites as well as coordinate the transformation towards renewable energy sources. A steering committee lead by Economics Minister Martin Zeil (FDP) and Environment Minister Markus Söder (CSU) shall oversee the agency’s work and an advisory committee comprised of “all social groups” shall support the agency.

Source: Welt Online

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