Next EEG Amendment on the Horizon

The recently amended Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) is likely to see a further amendment before the year will be over.

With the Act Amending the Legal Framework for the Promotion of the Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy Sources, which most importantly contains amendments of the EEG)in Article 1 just promulgated and due to enter into force on 1 January 2012, there is talk about yet another amendment, the German energy information provider energate reports.

In the Conservative/Liberal CDU, CSU and FDP government coaliton intentions were growing to revise the EEG starting after the summer break, energate says. Expectations regarding the amendment were, however, differing. While the CDU/CSU party wings close to the business sector lobbied for further solar feed-in tariff cuts, the FDP wanted to exempt electricity storage projects from all grid charges.

During the debate of the Federal Council (Bundesrat) on the latest Energy Legislative Package on 8 July 2011, Federal Minister for the Environment Norbert Röttgen had declared for the minutes that the government, together with the federal states, was willing to review the EEG in the second half of the year

  • how the expansion of renewable energy in the PV and the onshore wind sector was developing;
  • what effects the preservation of the status quo for the manufacturing industry had;
  • whether there was a need for action with respect to the special equalisation rules (Section 40 et seqq. EEG) for energy-intensive data processing centres; and
  • whether certain provisions regulating the EEG reallocation charge were detrimental to the construction and modernisation of storage facilities. Pursuant to the EEG, electricity consumers have to bear the difference between the market price and the feed-in tariffs by paying an EEG reallocation charge (EEG-Umlage, also called EEG surcharge).

Depending on the outcome, the government would submit proposals for amendments in the areas mentioned above if necessary, Mr Röttgen stated.

Source: energate 17 August 2011

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  • And the Polish feed-in tariff is still not decided. The new law on renewable energies has no chance to be adopted by the Parliament this year and Poland is one of the last EU countries still maintaining the system of green certificates instead of feed-in tariff.

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