Fewer Emission Allowances in Return for Longer Operation of Nuclear Power Plants?

The new German CDU/CSU and FDP coalition government should only decide in favour of extending the operation of nuclear power plants in Germany, if at the same time greenhouse gas emission allowances are cut considerably, Stephan Kohler, CEO of German Energy Agency (DENA) demands.

The current CO2 reduction goals were made under the assumption of a nuclear phase-out until 2021, he argues.  An extension of the life span of nuclear power stations should go hand in hand with a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emission allowances.  CO2 emissions should be cut by 100 to 120 million tons per year to maintain the proper balance.

Given the maximum allowed industrial emissions of 450 million tons of CO2 per year, Mr Kohler’s proposal would lead to a cut of up to a quarter.

Mr Kohler also criticized government plans for the extension of the current promotion scheme for renewable energies and demanded more incentives for consumers to use renewable energy.  He also said the expansion of renewables required the construction of new coal-fuelled and gas-fuelled power plants in order to overcome the intermittency of renewable power.  He also called for a faster expansion of the grid to accommodate the increasing output of renewable power plants.

Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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