BNetzA Makes German Power Plant Capacity List Available – New BMWi Power Plant Forum

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) published a detailed list showing German power plant capacity as of 26 September 2011.

In the wake of the German energy turnaround after the nuclear accident in Fukushima in March 2011 and the Germany’s staggered phase-out of nuclear energy until 2022, BNetzA had been charged with establishing the German power plant capacities. The list served in particular to help BNetzA to decide whether to excercise its right pursuant to the recent 13th amendment of the Atomic Energy Act (AtG) to designate a back-up power plant from the plants that had to be shut off immediately under the revised AtG. BNetzA has meanwhile decided not to make use of this right.

BNetzA now made the detailed list of 676 German power plant units with a net capacity of roughly 112 GW (as of 26 September 2011) available on the internet. To protect sensitive data, the list only contains details regarding the location and the main data of the power plants, e.g. the energy source used, output and voltage.

In order to further supplement and validate the data, operators of power plants with a minimum capacity of 20 MW are asked to inform BNetzA about changes by filling in a questionnaire on the electricity generation capacities.

The monitoring by BNetzA also comprises data on expected new capacity and the decommissioning of power plants with a net capacity of at least 5 MW. In view of the relevance for the security of supply, the agency also made available the main data of power plants under construction as well as of plants expected to be decommissioned until 2014.

The Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi) has meanwhile established a new so-called Power Plant Forum (Kraftwerksforum), which convened for the first time on 30 September 2011. The forum shall be the place to discuss the challenges following the energy turnaround with market participants, BMWi points out. A similar forum already exists for networks. The participants of the first meeting of the Power Plant Forum agreed to set up a comprehensive data base with current and planned power plant capacities, which shall be continuously maintained and discussed at meetings of the forum.

Source: Federal Network Agency; BMWi

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  • So I see that German will introduce three times the number of coal (Braunkohle und Steinkohle) until 2014 than the country is going to dismantle.

    Renewable energies you say ? Curbing carbon emissions you say ?

    I’m surprised.

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