Vattenfall: Reopening of Tender for Sale of Grid Confirmed

Vattenfall, one of Germany’s major utilities, confirmed to have reopened the tender for the sale of its high voltage grid.

The company had been reported to be selling its German high voltage grid to a consortium of financial investors, including Deutsche Bank, Allianz and Goldman Sachs, but then reports emerged that final agreement could not be reached.

Vattenfall’s spokesman Steffen Herrmann said the original deadline for selling the 9,500 km grid until the end of the year could not be adhered to.  One of the sticking points in the negotiations had been the acquisition price.  He did not disclose the identity of the other bidders.

Allegedly, Vattenfall is also in talks with the Belgian grid operator Elia System Operator.  An Elia spokeswoman refused to comment.  Elia was reported to be in negotiations with Vattenfall until this summer, but had then withdrawn from the procedure.

Source: Focus

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