German 2012 PV Feed-in Tariff Reduction Minus 15%

The German feed-in tariff for photovoltaic installations for 2012 shall be reduced by 15%. Depending on the type of installations, the 2012 PV feed-in tariffs for newly installed systems will therefore range from 17.94 ct/kWh to 24.43 ct/kWh.

Between 1 October 2010 and 30 September 2011, new PV installation with a capacity of about 5,200 MWp have been registered with the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur – BNetzA). As the reduction of the PV feed-in tariff depends on newly installed capacity in the twelve months up to 30 September, and as the new capacity was between 4,500 MWp and 5,500 MWp, BNetzA had to announce the 15% reduction.

The legal basis for the calculation of the reduction is Section 20(3)(1) of the Renewable Energy Sourche Act (EEG). For 2012, the statutory base degression would have been 9% (Section 20(2) No. 8 EEG). Pursuant to Section 20(3)(1) No. 1 EEG, the degression increases as follows:

  • above 3,500 MW: plus 3 percentage points
  • above 4,500 MW: plus 6 percentage points
  • above 5,500 MW: plus 9 percentage points
  • above 6,500 MW: plus 12 percentage points
  • above 7,500 MW, plus 15 percentage points

Consequently, 5,200 MW of newly installed PV capacity trigger a 15% reduction (9% plus 6%).

The reduction will lead to the following solar feed-in tariffs as of 1 January 2012:

Solar radiation (§§ 32, 33 EEG) ct/kWh  
Roof-mounted facilities (§ 33 EEG)    
Up to 30 kW 24.43  
Up to 100 kW 23.23  
Up to 1 MW 21.98  
Over 1 MW 18.33  
If generated electricity is consumed within immediate vicinity of building/facility by operator or third parties for installations up to 500 kW: Payment of feed-in tariffs for consumed electricity, but the applicable feed-in tariffs will be reduced by EUR 0.1638 for up to 30 percent of the generated power and by EUR 0.12 for the remaining power
Freestanding facilities (§ 32 EEG)    
Conversion/Sealed Areas 18.76  
Other Qualified Areas (additional requirements apply) 17.94  

You can find an overview of all 2012 feed-in tariffs here.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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