BNetzA Publishes New Guidelines for Change of Electricity and Gas Supplier

The German grid regulator, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), published new guidelines to be observed by the parties involved in case of a change of the electricity or the gas supplier. The regulations supplement the new Section 20a German Energy Act (EnWG), which will become effective in February 2012. According to the provision, a change of supplier has to be effected by the operator(s) within three weeks, starting upon receipt of notification by the grid operator of the use of his grid by the new supplier.

Section 20a EnWG was included as part of the recent EnWG revision, transposing Directive 2009/72/EC on common rules for the internal electricity market and Directive 2009/73/EC on common rules for the internal gas market. The new BNetzA guidelines have been adapted to Section 20a EnWG, altering and streamlining the uniform proceedings and data formats for the supply of electricity and gas, metering and balance group accounting (Bilanzkreisabrechnung) in the electricity sector. The current BNetzA rules contain rigid time limits in case of a change of supplier. The grid operator has to be informed at least once month ahead. Besides, the new supplier can only start delivering on the first day of a calendar month.

The new BNetzA rules have to be implemented by grid operators and suppliers by 1 April 2012. This grace period slightly differs from Section 20a EnWG becoming effective. Pursuant to Section 118 para. 10 EnWG, Section 20a EnWG enters into force six months after the new EnWG came into effect, i.e. on 4 February 2012.

Source: Federal Network Agency 

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