BNetzA: Consultation on Capacity Allocation for Offshore Grid Connection

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has opened a determination procedure (Festlegungsverfahren) to establish criteria to allocate offshore grid connection capacity. It has published a key issue paper and asked for comments by 31 January 2012.

The determination procedure is based on Sec. 17 para. 2b German Energy Act (EnWG). The consultation is also in response to criticism of offshore operators and intends to speed up the process of grid connection.

To obtain grid access, the offshore wind operator have to demonstrate that the realisation of the project is sufficiently likely (Sec. 17 para. 2a EnWG). The recently revised EnWG now allows BNetzA to establish legally binding criteria (Sec. 17 2b EnWG).

After its 2009 position paper (updated in January 2011) BNetzA has now published its paper with key elements to further define criteria 

  • to establish offshore grid connections;
  • to identify the liklihood of offshore projects being realised;
  • to provide non-discriminatory connection capacity to offshore projects.

Realisation of the project shall be considered sufficiently likely if certain critera are met. The paper contains a proposal with further details of such criteria. In addition, the paper proposes to assume sufficient likelihood of realisation if the offshore wind operators provides a security deposit. The deposit shall depend on the project’s capacity.  The proposed deposit is 200,000 € per Megawatt connection capacity.

BNetzA invited interested parties to submit their comments on these key issues by 31 January 2012.

Source: BNetzA: Consultation Paper

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