Federal Network Agency Published Green Paper on Smart Grids and Smart Markets

On 2 January the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur, BNetzA) published a green paper (Eckpunktepapier) on “Smart Grids and Smart Markets”.  With this paper BNetzA intends to initiate a more intensive discussion about smart grids and about the further development of the energy supply system.

In more than 50 theses BNetzA comments on various aspects of the energy turnaround and its impacts to the energy supply system. In BNetzA’S view network issues such as network development and system stability are important topics, but they should not dominate the discussion.

Due to the undifferentiated public discussion on smart grids, BNetzA wants to clarify and structure it and to push the further development of smart grids. Therefore the BNetzA postulates to differentiate between intelligent networks (smart grids) and intelligent markets (smart markets). Measures that increase the capacity and control capabilities of the network shall be seen as are part of smart grids. Measures that integrate renewable energy into the market or affect consumption (e.g. by innovative tariff systems or services) are part of smart markets.

Source: Bundesnetzagentur – press release; key issue paper “smart grids & smart markets”

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