Swissgrid Joins International Grid Control Cooperation

As of tomorrow, the Swiss transmission system operator (TSO) Swissgrid will join the International Grid Control Cooperation (IGCC) for optimised control energy utilisation. This shall lead to further cost reductions in the range of several millions of Euros and increasing disposable control reserves to ensure system security, Tennet TSO GmbH, one of the four German TSOs that originally established the German Grid Control Cooperation in 2008, informed.

Swissgrid is the third international partner to join the four German TSOs Amprion GmbH, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, EnBW Transportnetze AG and Tennet TSO GmbH. In October 2011 their grid control cooperation was expanded to include the Danish TSO and in February 2012 to include the Dutch TSO TenneT TSO B.V.

The German Grid Control Cooperation leads to financial savings of approximately EUR 300 million every year and financial savings after the entry of amount to roughly EUR 3 million to date, Tennet says, pointing out that cost savings in the range of approximately EUR 10 million per year and new IGCC participant are likely.

Technically, the IGCC performs an automatic netting of active power imbalances across control area borders. Thus, cross-border counter regulation is avoided which enables all participating TSOs to reduce their utilisation of control energy and increase their disposable control reserves to ensure system security. The underlying optimisation system is operated in the System Control Center of EnBW Transportnetze in Wendlingen, Germany.

The German TSOs provide further information on the IGCC on their internet platform

Source: Regelleistung.netTennet


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