Offshore Challenges: Gode Wind II

The sale of the Gode Wind II offshore wind farm by PNE Wind AG to Hyssing Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, held by the Danish company Brancor Capital Partners APS, did not go through, PNE announced.

Hyssing did not make the payments agreed in late December 2011 by 23 March 2012, PNE said. Hence, PNE remains the only stakeholder of the Gode Wind II project management company. PNE intends to enter into talks about a sale of the company with other prospective buyers, the company announced.

The Gode Wind II wind farm project is located 38 kilometres seaward off the island of Norderney in the North Sea. The project has already been approved by the Federal Agency for Maritime Shipping and Hydrography (BSH), the competent permitting authority. The project comprises 84 turbines with a total nominal output of 252 MW.

Policymakers are currently debating that Germany’s energy policy shift, in which offshore wind power plays an important role in replacing nuclear power, will only succeed if offshore wind power gets the necessary legal support (and as certain statements indicate possibly also financial support of some sort). Last week the Federal Ministers of Economics and Technology and of the Environment held talks with the new Working Group for the Acceleration of the Grid Connection of Offshore Wind Farms, discussing proposals put forward by the working group for accelerating the connection of offshore wind farms.

Source: PNE Wind AG, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 26 March 2012, pages 11 and 14

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