Showcase Electromobility: Support for Regional Electromobility Projects

Electromobility, an aspect of the German energy policy, which was overshadowed by other energy-related developments in the recent past, has made headlines again as the federal government decided which regional electromobility projects it wants to support within the framework of the “Showcase Electromobility” programme (Schaufenster Elektromobilität) .

As the three ministries involved (Economics, Environment and Transport) reported in a joint press release, the following four projects shall receive financial support:

Living Lab BW E-Mobil (State of Baden-Württemberg)

– Internationales Schaufenster der Elektromobilität (States of Berlin and Brandenburg)

Unsere Pferdestärken werden elektrisch (Our Horse Power Becomes Electric – State of Lower Saxony)

– Elektromobilität verbindet (Electromobility Unites – States of Bavaria and Saxony)

The government followed the recommendations of a jury of experts comprised of scientists and members of trade associations, which had reviewed and assessed 23 applications. As showcase projects, the jury chose large-scale regional demonstration and pilot projects in which the most innovative elements of electromobility at the interface of energy systems, vehicles and transportation can be shown in their complexity and made public (also on an international level).

Following the government’s decision, the different projects in the successful showcase regions will be assessed to determine the amount of financial support the projects will receive. The government wants to follow the suggestion of the expert jury insofar that none of the “showcases”  shall receive more than EUR 50 million in federal support so that a large variety of innovative projects receive support.

The “Showcase Electromobility” programme forms part of the government programme on electromobility of May 2011 that is based on a recommendation by the National Electromobility Initiative (NPE). The three-year programme provides support of up to EUR 180 million.

Source: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

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