50Hertz Publishes Load Flow Data

Friday last week 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, the transmission system operator (TSO) whose grid covers large parts of Eastern and Northern Germany, started publishing the load flow data for its grid on the internet. It is the first TSO in Germany to do so.

Visitors of the web pages shall find an up-to-date map of the grid showing all power lines and interconnectors with other transmission grids. Network conditions shall be shown for the full hour. For a better understanding the lines shall be coloured depending on the specific load flow. Upon clicking on a power line, the load shall be given in megawatt (MW). The information is supplemented by data regarding special measures to secure system stability, i.e. cases in which plants can temporarily been shut to avoid system instability or collapse (pursuant to the German Energy Act or the Renewable Energy Sources Act). Data is provided by 50Hertz’ central transmission control center.  Data shall ll be quality-tested, 50Hertz says, therefore showing in general the data 24 hours ago. Data is available starting 1 March 2012.

The publication of the load flow data shall help creating more transparency, allowing every interested party to access the data, 50Hertz explained. In a situation in which grid expansion is seen as important to implement the German energy shift towards more renewable energy, but which is characterised by long delays of power line projects due to opposition by those affected by the individual projects, 50Hertz’ move is an attempt at overcoming difficulties in implementing power line projects.

Source: 50Hertz

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  • Great resource, thanks!
    I’ve been looking for realtime data from Germany’s grid for quite a while now. This is invaluable!

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