Alliance of European Gas TSOs to push European Capacity Platform

In an effort to meet future European market rules, sixteen major European gas transmission system operators (TSOs) have taken the initiative to bundle their efforts and experience in the field of capacity booking platforms to move towards a joint European capacity platform, signing a Memorandum of Understanding defining the shape of the new capacity platform.

The initiative pools the existing platform activities of all participating TSOs. Their comprehensive know-how covers the operation of three existing platforms in Europe: Capsquare, Link4Hubs as well as TRAC-X.

The partners of the alliance will be:

  • Bayernets GmbH
  • EEX European Energy Exchange AG
  • Fluxys N.V./S.A.
  • Fluxys/TENP TSP S.p.A.
  • GASCADE Gastransport GmbH
  • Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH
  • Gas Transport Services B.V.
  • Gastransport Nord GmbH
  • GRTgaz S.A.
  • GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH
  • Nowega GmbH
  • ONTRAS – VNG Gastransport GmbH
  • Open Grid Europe GmbH
  • terranets bw GmbH
  • Thyssengas GmbH

The new capacity platform shall meet future European market rules, as described in the Network Code for Capacity Allocation Mechanism (NC CAM), which is currently being finalized at an EU level. It is intended to make the platform operational by April 2013. It will be able to handle different capacity products, offer auction mechanisms and serve different TSO backend systems. The platform will also have a secondary market function.

The joint capacity platform was a major step towards an integrated European gas market as intended by the European Third Energy Package”, the participating TSOs pointed out. “This is a very promising step towards a single European internal gas market. The auctioning of bundled capacity is a key aspect of the network code, and I am pleased to see TSOs committed to making this work”, Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Energy, commented.

Source: Fluxys

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