German Energy Consumption Declined in 2009

Energy consumption in Germany declined by 6.5% according to preliminary figures published by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiebilanzen, a working group founded by energy related associations and research centres. The demand for fossil energy and nuclear power decreased as a consequence of the economic downturn.  Due to weather conditions, wind and hydro energy also contributed less to the energy supply than in the previous year.  Photovoltaic and biomass derived energy supply, however, rose.  All in all renewable energy consumption increased by almost 1%.  This sector meanwhile accounts for 9% of the total German energy supply.

Source: AG Energiebilanzen

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  • Also, there is a significant gas sale’s decline in previous years (more than 5). As what you mentioned above that the power sale’s decline is a consequence of economic downturn which happens 2008, 2 years ago. From time frame point of view, there should be other reasons. What do you think?

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