Dena: Cancelling Conventional Power Plant Projects Creates Energy Suppy Risks

The recent cancellations of conventional power plant projects like the one of an 800 MW power plant in Lubmin near Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania, by the Danish utility Dong and other projects will increase the risk of energy supply security, Stephan Kohler chairman of the German Energy Agency (dena) warned. 

Dena has been warning of an energy supply shortage for some time, the business newspaper Handelsblatt writes.  In a study published in February 2008, the agency, which is 50% state owned, argued that Germany would lack 15 large conventional power plants in 2020.  Already in 2012 there would not be enough energy to offset current peaks.

According to Handelsblatt, Mr Kohler asked the German Government to decide quickly under what circumstances the operating period of the existing nuclear power plants could be extended.  Not knowing the modalities made it hard for utilities to decide on the construction of power plants, he argued.

Source: Handelsblatt, 28 December 2009, page 16

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