Baden-Württemberg Enacts New Wind Power Decree

In connection with the amendment of the State Planning Act (Landesplanungsgesetz) the state of Baden-Württemberg enacted a new wind power decree in order to help increase the share of onshore wind power in the state energy mix from just under 1% to 10% until 2020.

The decree gives guidance to state authorities, municipalities, investors and citizens alike with regard to the relevant provisons on planning and constructing wind turbines and their interpretation.

The decree also contains a specific section on the involvement of the general public (Section 1.4), as public acceptance of wind power plants is considered key to their expansion.

Legally, the decree constitutes a joint administrative regulation (Verwaltungsvorschrift) by three state ministries. It will be published in the state gazette on 29 May 2012 and will enter into force the following day.

The decree is only binding for subordinate authorities of the issuing ministries, e.g. public authorities charged with immission control or nature protection. For the regional planning authorities, the municipalities and other authorities responsible for urban land use planing they only provide guidance.

Source: State of Baden-Württemberg

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