BNetzA: Spot Market Sale of Renewable Energy Pursuant to AusglMechV Lowers Marketing Costs

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has released an evaluation report on the Equalisation Scheme Ordinance (AusglMechV). Under the present scheme, the four German transmission system operators (TSOs) have been selling renewable energy for which guaranteed feed-in tariffs are paid in accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) since 2010. Tthe new legislation has led to a considerable decrease in EEG marketing costs, BNetzA says.

At the same time, marketing of EEG energy at the spot market has improved liquidity and not led to significant distortions of prices, BNetzA says. On the whole the new marketing form increased transparency considerably, the agency adds. 

As the AusglMechV also provides for the possibility to assign third parties with the sale of the EEG electricity, the agency started a consultation process and commissioned an expert opinion by Frontier Economics and Formaet Services GmbH on the matter. The study can also be found on BNetzA’s internet site (see below).

At the present time, BNetzA is cautious about third party marketing and prefers direkt marketing, which provides the possibility of direct responses to market price signals and the respective operation of power plants. The marketing premium for direct marketing introduced with the EEG amendment at the beginning of 2012 makes direct marketing much more attractive so that higher direct marketing rates are likely, BNetzA says (at least for wind power this is indeed true). Hence the implementation of the direct marketing provisions should not be impeded by introducing a rivalling third party market system, BNetzA concludes. 

Source: Federal Network Agency

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