New Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier Announces 10-Point Programme Before Summer Break

The new Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier has presented initial elements of his political agenda as minister. He announced to present a 10-point programme before the summer break. It shall contain projects that he wants to implement before the elections in 2013. He is optimistic to reach a national consensus for the  energy policy shift within the next six month between the Federal States, the energy sector  and environmental organizations. 

As short-term goals until summer break, he would like to reach an agreement on the tax incentives for energy-efficient building renovation as well as on the future of solar feed-in tariffs. The controversial reduction of solar feed-in tariffs will be discussed by the mediation committee of the Bundestag  (Federal Parliament) and Bundesrat on 12 June 2012. Altmaier said his aim is to maintain a competitive core of the solar industry in Germany.

Altmaier also made clear that the nuclear phaseout is definitive and irreversible. He is optimistic that the energy gap, which is caused by the shutdown of nuclear power can be filled in time and  that a safe energy supply can be ensured. As it is clear that the energy supply in Germany will dependent for a long time on its conventional energy like coal or gas, he aims to resolve the current reluctance to invest for the construction of new gas and coal power plants.

With Germany’s Economics Minister Philipp Rösler he intends to share intense and continuous contact. The relationship between the Philipp Rösler and the former Environment Minister Röttgen was  marked by differences. That should change now: “I want to save you and us weeks of discussions, which ministers will prevail,” Altmaier said.

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