Bundestag Approved Mediation Committee Compromises for Solar FIT Reduction and CCS Bill

Yesterday the German Parliament (Bundestag) approved the proposals for compromises made by the Mediation Committee of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat (Federal Council) for the solar feed-in tariffs cuts ad the CCS bill to transpose Directive 2009/31/EC on the geological storage of carbon dioxide into German law.

The compromise reached with regard to the EEG amendment (ref. no. 17/10103) amends the bill as approved by Parliament on 29 March 2012 (ref. no  17/9152 and  17/8877). The agreement (ref. no. 17/10101) on a bill on carbon capture and storage (CCS bill) amends the bill as originally approved by Parliament on 7 Juli 2011 (ref. 17/6507). In both cases the Bundesrat was opposed to the bills as adopted by Parliament.

The Federal Council approved the compromise today.

The Act on the Demonstration and Use of the Technology for the Capture, Transport and Permanent Storage of CO2 (Gesetz zur Demonstration und Anwendung von Technologien zur Abscheidung, zum Transport und zur dauerhaften Speicherung von Kohlendioxid – KSpG) was published in the Federal Law Gazette on 23 August 2012 (Federal Law Gazette Part I, page 1726) and entered into force the day thereafter. It can be accessed online here.


Source: Bundestag; Bundesrat

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