Röttgen to Discuss Reduction of Solar Feed-in Tariffs on 13 January 2010

Federal Environmental Minister Norbert Röttgen will start discussing a reduction of the EEG solar feed-in tariffs on 13 January 2010 with representatives from consumer organizations and the solar industry.

Handelsblatt reported that there will be separate meetings with representatives from both groups.  Each group shall present proposals for a meaningful reduction of the current incentives for solar electricity generation.

The coalition agreement had expressly mentioned that the new government wants to discuss amending subsidies for the solar sector in order prevent oversubsidizing in this area.  Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft (BSW-Solar), the interest group of the German solar energy industry, has already been reported to have  agreed on a common position for the upcoming discussions with the new German government on solar feed-in tariffs.