New Web Site on German Grid Expansion

BNetzA has officially launched a new web site ( with  information on grid expansion in Germany.

According to recent studies, Germany needs about 3,800 km of new extra-high voltage transmission lines and many more kilometers of new distribution lines (plus refurbishments of existing lines) to implement the energy policy shift away from nuclear power towards a renewable energy supply. Power line projects are, however, often controversial, and may be delayed by legal actions against them. In May BNetzA informed that existing extra-high voltage power line projects that already receive priority treatment under the Energy Line Extension Act (EnLAG) are mostly delayed.

Apart from technical aspects and legal background information, the new site provides information on different ways to participate in the grid development process. For example, the four German transmission system operators have recently launched a consultation process on the first national grid development plan for extra-high voltage lines. The consultation periods ends on 10 July 2012.

“Will a power line be built in my neighbourhood? How can I influence planning? This and many more questions will be answered on the new internet pages. We thereby give special attention to a user-friendly interface and a comprehensible language”, Jochen Homann, president of BNetzA pointed out.

In addition, a new hotline will answers questions regarding grid expansion.

Source: Federal Network Agency (BNetzA)

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