60 Energy Storage Research Projects Receive Financial Support

60 energy research storage projects that receive financial support by the German Federation were officially launched, the Ministry of Economics and Technology, (BMWi), the Ministry for the Environment (BMU) and the Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) said in a joint press release. In May 2011 the ministries had allocated EUR 200 million for research concerning energy storage until 2014 to support the expansion of renewable energies in Germany.

To reach the objective of a share of renewable energy in the electricity supply of at least 80% by 2050, while ensuring the security of supply, the research programme shall help to achieve technological breakthroughs, cut costs and support a faster market introduction of new energy storage facilities.

Research projects are supported in the field of generating hydrogen or methane from excess wind power, for projects aimed at connecting batteries for storage of decentralised renewable power plants, especially solar power, to distribution networks, projects in the area of energy system analysis as well as thermal storage facilities. To build know-how for the transformation of the energy systems in the long-run, the programme sponsors junior research groups at five German universities which carry out interdisciplinary research on various storage technologies. More information on the projects can be found here.

Source: Federal Ministry for the Environment

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