BNetzA: High Security of German Gas Supply in 2011

The security of gas supply in Germany remained on a high level in 2011, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) reported.

BNetzA has evaluated the reports of all gas grid operators regarding the quality of gas supply. Grid operators have to submit a report regarding the security of energy supply  to BNetzA until 30 April each year (Sec. 52 EnWG). These reports contain time, duration, extent and cause of any interruption of energy supply, which occurred in the last calendar year.

Based on these reports BNetzA determined the SAIDI value. The so-called SAIDI value (System Average Interruption Duration Index) is the average time of interruptions of energy supply per connected end consumer.  The SAIDI value contains neither planned interruptions nor interruptions due to force majeure.

The SAIDI value for gas supply was in 2011 only 1.993 minutes. “With a SAIDI value of less than 2 minutes Germany takes a top position in the international comparison,” Jochen Homann, president of BNetzA said.

A powerful and well-maintained gas grid has a high priority even for the energy turnaround. With the introduction of the incentive regulation in 2009 it was speculated that there will be a qualitative decline of gas grids. A comparison of data from previous years shows that this effect has not occurred, Homann said.

Source: BNetzA

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