New Record for Renewable Energies in Germany

So far 2012 is a record year for renewable energies in Germany. According to initial estimates of Federal Association of Energy and Water (BDEW) Germany produced 67.9 billion kWh of renewable energy in the first six month of 2012.

For the first time Germany’s power production from renewable energy sources exceeded the 25-percent mark. In 2011 renewable energy only accounted for 21 percent of the power production.

BDEW reported that wind energy remained the largest contributor of renewable energy, accounting for 9.2 percent (2011: 7.7 percent), followed by energy from biomass with 5.7 percent (2011: 5.3 percent) and solar energy with 5.3 percent (2011: 3.6 percent). Solar energy saw the biggest increase, up to 47 percent from previous year.

The contribution of hydro power was 4.0 percent (2011: 3.2) and power from waste incineration plants and other renewbale energies remaind at 0.9 percent.

Source: BDEW

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3 Responses to “New Record for Renewable Energies in Germany”

  • Congratulations Germany. If only other countries would quickly follow in your steps to stimulate growth of renewable energy, as much as they stimulate fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are a governer on GDP growth in the West and I can’t wait to see Germany’s GDP become unfettered by this investment in itself. No tons of wind, barrels of sunlight or cubic feet of thermal energy to purchase any more for a quarter of Germany’s entire economy. I just spent $26 on a new LED bulb which will save $190 per year and offset buying 10 replacement incandescent bulbs. Germany is doing something similar on a country scale!

  • I am researching German progress and am most keen to watch the systen stability options thaqt are taken. I work in the power systenm in Australia for a large company well equipt to provide frequency and voltage control. i am keen to know what options are best adopted as solar and wing grab more of the load.

    Clearly the evolution of storage systems will need to emerge before these green generators get too much bigger.

  • I do think that energy storage is a compulsory part of the jigsaw to arrive at a 100 per cent green grid.

    i have been in control when we have lost 1 gigga watt of generation on a 10 gw system. This is a traumatic event and the use of rapid starting/responding hydro generation was the only answer that retained customers and prevented further load shedding requirements.

    The possibility of the sun going down on 20 gw on a 40 gw load is a whole new ball game. I frequently need to rely on weather forcasting for many aspects of energy management. i see the ability to know where the sun is and precise knowledge of wing velocity and accurate predictions will be a major aspect in the future.

    But i keep waking up each morning just knowing that the hydrogen fuel cell and the provision of energy storage in the form of hydrogen fuel cell generators or perhaps cars plugged into the grid at home, will render the future green and reliable 100 percent in all aspects.

    In 2050 we will look at the power system and wonder how bad it was using coal to make electricity. We will look at petrol cars a bit like we see the horse and cart today.

    These are my hopes/

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