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Environment Ministry Supports WEMAG Battery Plant with EUR 1.3 Million

Wemag AG, a utility located in Schwerin, Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania, will receive EUR 1.3 million through the Environmental Innovation Program (Umweltinnovationsprogramm) for a 5 MW lithium-ion battery plant, the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) informed.  The battery plant pilot project shall go online in September 2014, providing primary reserve (Primärregelleistung), thus helping to balance the grids and integrate green energy.

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Government Adopts EUR 500m Electromobility Plan

On 18 August 2009 the German Federal Cabinet (German Government) adopted the National Electromobility Development Plan.  It aims at one million electric cars being driven in Germany by 2020.  The plan shall help to advance research and development, market preparation and introduction of battery powered cars in Germany. Continue reading ‘Government Adopts EUR 500m Electromobility Plan’