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Energy Turnaround Schedule

Further details of the legislative schedule for Germany’s post-Fukushima energy turnaround are emerging. As reported by different newspapers and magazines,  the Federal Cabinet is planning to decide about its energy package on 6 June 2011. The energy package shall contain major amendments of 7 statutes and 1 ordinance. If everything goes according to plan, the Federal Council (Bundesrat) shall pass its final vote on the amendments on 8 July 2011 during its last ordinary session before the summer recess.

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Ethics Commission to Assess Nuclear Power Phase-out

Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced to set up a new ethics commission for secure energy supply to assess ethical questions of the future of nuclear power. The commission’s findings shall supplement the work of the Reactor Safety Commission (RSK). As part of the 3-month moratorium on the recently decided nuclear power extension, the new Ethics Commission shall provide input to the government’s risk assessment of nuclear power generation.

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