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Federal Council: German 45 Day National Gas Reserve Resolution

On 11 July the Federal Council (Bundesrat) adopted a resolution aimed at ensuring a permanent contribution of gas storage facilities to the German energy supply by asking the German government to create a national gas storage reserve lasting for 45 days.

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EEG 2.0 passes Bundesrat

In its last session before the summer recess, the Federal Council (Bundesrat) followed the vote of the Bundestag (Parliament) of 27 June 2014 regarding the revision of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).  Now Federal President  (Bundespräsident) Joachim Gauck is due to sign the bill before the EEG reform package can enter into force on 1 August.

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EEG 2.0: Legislative Process on Track

After the Bundestag has voted on the EEG revision on 27 June, now only the Federal Council (Bunderat) has to approve the revision. The decision of the Federal Council has been scheduled for July 11.

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