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Offshore Challenges: Gode Wind II

The sale of the Gode Wind II offshore wind farm by PNE Wind AG to Hyssing Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, held by the Danish company Brancor Capital Partners APS, did not go through, PNE announced.

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PNE Wind: Utilities Hungry for Wind Energy

The wind energy business is boosted by the growing involvement of energy conglomerates, Martin Billhardt, CEO of PNE Wind AG that specializes in the development, financing, construction and operation of wind farms, told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). Continue reading ‘PNE Wind: Utilities Hungry for Wind Energy’

PNE: No Problem with Wind Farm Financing

The stock-listed wind farm developer PNE Wind AG does not experience problems with the financing of its wind farms.  Continue reading ‘PNE: No Problem with Wind Farm Financing’